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Wanted fun and down to Lytham St Annes guy

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News Steve Canavan: Idyllic silence broken by plodding hirsute youths Loud music in the fells Thursday, 16th Julyam Updated Thursday, 16th Julyam Why spoil this with pounding dance music? There was total silence.

It was heaven. I felt completely relaxed and able to forget all my every day worries, like mortgage repayments, social inequality, and whether the nasty-looking rash on my upper right thigh is simply a harmless reaction to something or a terminal disease.

I paused and straightened Ebony nude girls in alabama neck, like a fox trying to catch the scent of a rabbit he wants to gobble down, and, yes, there it was. Thud, thud, thud, slowly getting closer.

It was definitely music — well, either that or someone with incredible heavy and rhythmic footsteps that sounded uncannily like a snare drum. The music got progressively louder until a lad and his girlfriend came into view, marching towards me. Alfred Wainwright would have turned in his grave.

I must get it from my dad because he started to get a little Hot ladies wants real sex West Wiltshire cantankerous too the older he got.

My favourite memory of this was when he was in a hospital waiting room, sat opposite a teenage boy wearing headphones. All my dad could hear was this Chat lines Clermont music and it began getting on his nerves. How could a young lad sit there with his music turned up so loud that everyone else could hear it, and worse still why was his mum not doing anything about it?

In the end my infuriated father began gesticulating at the boy, angrily pointing at his ears, and indicating in no uncertain Casual encounters Arden, Ontario that he should turn the volume of his music.

The lad stared wide-eyed at my dad in worried fashion, before becoming visibly upset and being ushered from the waiting room by his mother.

It was coming from the waiting Woman seeking nsa Strongsville speakers. It was a of funny stories my dad told us from his time in hospital that was the great thing about my father; no matter how ill he got, he always kept Cleveland guy for woman tonite sense of humourmy absolute favourite being about a man who was wheeled into the ward and put in a bed opposite while his wife fussed round.