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General discussion[ edit ] Opposition is a semantic relation in which one word has a sense or meaning that negates or is, in the sense of scaledistant from a related word.

Other words are capable of being opposed, but the language in question has an accidental gap in its lexicon. For example, the word devout lacks a lexical opposite, but it is fairly easy to conceptualize a parameter of devoutness where devout lies at the positive pole with a missing member at Its hard meeting girls negative pole.

Opposites of such words can nevertheless sometimes Sexy teen Glasgow Virginia formed with the prefixes un- or non- with varying degrees of naturalness. For example, the word undevout appears in Webster's dictionary ofwhile the pattern of non-person could conceivably be extended to non-platypus. Opposites may be viewed as a special type of incompatibility.

Some classes of opposites include: antipodals, pairs of words which describe opposite ends of some axis, either literal such as "left" and "right," "up" and "down," "east" and "west" or figurative or abstract such as "first" and "last," "beginning" Adult phone sex Bal Harbour "end," "entry" and "exit" dist opposites or "incompatibles"members of a set which are mutually exclusive but which leave Lesbian penpal wanted lexical gap unfilled, such as "red" and "blue," "one" and "ten," or "monday" and "friday.

They are or may be performed by the same or similar subject s without requiring an object of the verbs, such as "rise" and "fall," "accelerate" and "decelerate," or "shrink" and "grow.

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Other examples are "faster" and "slower" "fast" is implied but not "slow" and "dirtier" and "cleaner" "dirty" is implied but not "clean". The relationship between overlapping antonyms is often not inherent, but arises from the way they are interpreted most generally in a language.

There is no inherent reason that an item be pd to be bad when it is compared to another as being worse it could be "less good"Free houston tx dating sites English speakers have combined the meaning semantically to it over the development of the language. Boon[ edit ] An antonym is one of a pair of words with opposite meanings.

Each word in the pair is the antithesis of the. A word may have more than one antonym. There are three of antonyms identified by the nature of the relationship Sex swingers in highbank texas the opposed meanings.

Where the two words have definitions that lie on a continuous spectrum of meaning, they are gradable antonyms.

Where the meanings do not lie on a continuous spectrum and the Ladies seeking nsa Morris Connecticut 6763 have no other lexical relationship, they are complementary antonyms.

Where the two meanings are opposite only within the context of their relationship, they are relational antonyms. Gradable antonyms[ edit ] A gradable antonym is one of a pair of words with opposite meanings where the two meanings lie on a continuous spectrum.

Temperature is such a continuous spectrum so hot and cold, two meanings on opposite ends of the spectrum, are gradable antonyms. There is no continuous spectrum between odd and even but they are opposite in meaning and are therefore complementary antonyms.

Relational antonyms[ edit ] A relational antonym is one of a pair of words that refer to a relationship from opposite points of view.

There is no lexical opposite of teacher, but teacher and pupil are opposite within the context of their relationship. This makes them relational antonyms.

Auto-antonyms[ edit ] An auto-antonym is a word that can have opposite meanings in different contexts or under separate definitions: en to prohibit, issue injunction ; to order Old swingers in Avrigney, command fast moving quickly; fixed firmly in place.